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Silverback Floating Promotions bring you a whole new and exciting way to take your advertising message mobile.

Our Floating Mobile Billboards can be use anywhere from Semaphore, Grange, Glenelg (The Bay), Brighton, Port Noarlunga, Moana, Victor Harbour and beyond.  In fact, anywhere where the is water we can put a mobile billboard (permits may be required in some areas).  They can be anchored and left floating or they can be moving your advertising message up and down the busy beaches towed by our Seadoo speed boat.

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Why use a static billboard advertising that people pass daily without even noticing – be noticed and be seen with our floating promotional billboards.
Floating Mobile Advertising Billboards give you:

The opportunity to target your tribe right where they play

Large audience reach

Being towed down the coast your message can be seen by a huge audience

Strong visual exposure and brand visibility

Our high impact mobile advertising billboards are bigger than traditional mobile billboards standing a massive 4m high x 6m long

Day or night advertising

Our floating promotions can be backlit making them suitable day or night time use.
rent or hire Floating Promotions silverback promotions
rent or hire Floating Promotions silverback promotions
rent or hire Floating Promotions silverback promotions

An advertising space that will get you noticed

right where you target audience play!

rent or hire Floating Promotions silverback promotions
It’s very rare you get be the first to something, so jump on board with this fabulous opportunity to be first to get your message out with a new and exciting floating Mobile Billboard. They are highly innovative, and the novelty alone will get you noticed.

With an inflatable ‘A’ frame structure, Silverback Floating Promotions’ billboards can even be turned into a giant screen, so you can stream the big games out in the bay or on the lake.  We can anchor the frame on land, so you can screen the big match on the beach or have cinema by the sea.  The possibilities are endless.


Quick & easy mobile billboard advertising

Getting your advertising message out is easy – we just need 7 days’ notice to print the artwork and then your mobile billboard can be out and about generating interest and turning heads.

Simply give us your digital footage or we can print your artwork onto a special material and mount it on the mobile billboard.  You will own the material banner, so you can use it anywhere and swap and change or reuse your banner as needed.

Hire a floating mobile billboard

We are totally flexible with hiring our floating mobile billboards – we are happy to hire out on a one-off, daily, weekly or monthly basis.  And what’s really awesome is that these boards do not require a permit when they are sitting offshore, so can be used 7 days a week/365 days a year!

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