Church Marquee

Now you can have a unique church wedding in your own back yard!

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With our huge portable church wedding marquee as a venue, you can now have a church wedding wherever you want, just let your imagination run wild!  It’s exciting to know that wherever you have dreamed of holding your wedding, event or party, Silverback Promotions can make that possible by bringing the venue to you!  A church that can come to you overcomes so many challenges and obstacles.

No longer is it a problem if you want:

A church wedding, but you are not a member of the church.
A themed ceremony that the church has frowned upon.
A church wedding in your back yard or the local park or vineyard.
A church wedding at short notice and the local churches are booked.

Church Wedding Venue / Marquee

We want to offer a church wedding venue to anyone.  We specialise in providing a venue for your church wedding or commitment ceremony and our fantastic cathedral style church is proving popular with groups such as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender (LGBT Weddings) and Nudists along with the more traditional wedding couples.  If you want a church wedding but don’t seem to fit the requirements of some churches, we can help, or, if you want to have a quirky themed wedding in a church, we can help.

If you can dream it, we can deliver it, subject to getting any necessary permit if required in a public area.

Detailed and realistic church wedding

Our church (cathederal style) marquee wedding venue, just like any permanent structure, stands tall and proud and comes with both an alter and replica stained glass windows.  The beautiful windows not only create that authentic church feeling but allow light to stream in creating the same ambience as a real church wedding.

Spacious wedding venue

Our inflatable church marquee stands a massive 12m high x 18m long x 8m across, so it has plenty of room for your guest list.  In fact, it is suitable for 140 guests standing or 70-80 people if you prefer a seated service.  The high ceilings and wide entrance give you that grand and palatial feel often associated with cathedrals.

Unique and innovative wedding venue

Our inflatable wedding, party and event marquee venues are leading edge innovations and a first in the market.  Not only will you have the prestige and bragging rights of a totally unique venue, but it’s highly likely that you will be providing an experience that is a “first” for many of the people invited, creating a lasting memory for all.  It’s your wedding on your terms!

Strong and stable marquee

The term inflatable may remind you of a bouncy castle, but this church in a cathedral style is far superior and technically advanced and does not have bouncy floor, it is more like a giant marquee.  Instead of using a steel frame to construct the walls and roof, the church is inflated for strength.  Just like a tyre, once inflated it is incredibly strong and durable.  It is constructed from a super strong and resilient 9mm thick, fire-retardant tarpaulin material, so you can be assured that this is a sturdy and substantial structure.  Not only are the walls sturdy but the whole structure is anchored down to ensure it is solid and firm in its position.